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From Beach Cities Style

January/February 2005


• The Art of Robert Leland Pence

Living on the beach cities coastline is it’s own reward. The beauty we experience here has a positive, even spiritual effect on all who take the time each day to appreciate the ocean, our beaches, and other local natural resources.

He grew up and has lived primarily in the midwest, but Robert L. Pence “gets” what our coast is all about. This dedicated, prolific artist and author captures with oils and canvas the essence of our lifestyle and the beauty that surrounds us.

Each morning he sets up his studio on the sand, writing and waiting for the sun to cast light on his subjects just so, then picks up his brushes and lets nature and inspiration guide his hand. This is his passion, his life’s work, and we are privileged to be able to witness his creativity.

A sales and display employee of a family-owned Milwaukee clothing store, at age 27, Robert followed an impulse, went to an art supply store, and purchased a set of oil paints, canvas and stretcher strips. His first painting, “Once Upon A Time” displays the maturity, composition and color sense of someone in the middle stages of development rather than a novice effort. He continued to work in sales and display, raised a family and supplemented his income by selling his paintings, gaining exposure and popularity at mall art shows.

Robert had his first one-man show in 1972 and after his second in 1973 reduced his corporate workweek to three days. After several years of travel on the art road show circuit he resigned all employment to become a full-time, self-supporting artist. “Many people come up to me and inquire about my work,” says Robert, ”and in getting to know those whose daily ritual includes surfing, swimming, running or walking the beach, I’ve come to understand their love for this part of the coast. And I’m impressed by the number of teens and young adults that appreciate the unique natural beauty found here. They truly care for the environment and support keeping these areas wild.” Robert immerses himself totally in his process, traveling and observing nature and life, his senses open to all input, patiently allowing subject matter to reveal the true nature that lies within. Peaceful solitude, loneliness and despair, redemption and triumph are all present in his paintings. A first love, a lone seagull, winter straw covered in snow, a solitary sailor on a peaceful sea; all these images connect on deeper levels to draw the observer in to experience the world in a unique but familiar way. And as his current studio is “open to the public,” seeing the process unfold is a rare glimpse of creativity in its purest form.

Robert’s book, “Reflections of Myself” is a marvelous collection of his work, beautifully reproduced, containing his first works to the more recent. He is a soulful writer, revealing emotions and circumstances both painful and therapeutic which are essential and vital elements fundamental to the artistic process.

It is said that art imitates life and the experience of great art enriches life. We are fortunate to have Robert Leland Pence share the wealth of his talent interpreting the timeless beauty of the beach cities coastline. •

— Thom Moore

Robert Leland Pence: Reflections of Myself is available from:
Robert L. Pence, Palette to Palette Enterprises
33025 Seabreeze Ct., San Juan Capistrano, Ca. 92675-4609