I have been a self-supporting artist for more than forty years. My infinitely detailed canvases passionately reflecting nature's quiet beauty brought about immediate success. Until the fall of 2000 I owned and operated my gallery in prestigious Door County, Wisconsin the Cape Cod of the Midwest, where my work caught the eye of private and corporate collectors throughout the United States and abroad.

After decades of artist/gallery operator, a feeling of unrest and change set in. In the summer of 2002 I closed the doors to my mid-west life and moved, along with my wife and family, to the west coast and relocated in southern California. Two years later, on Labor Day, I discovered Strands. The meeting was monumental. The sun was setting, the surf was up - the view was awe-inspiring. Before this introduction I was experiencing a lengthy respite from the brush, during which time I often wondered if my oil painting career was over - would I ever paint again? But when I stepped onto the sand at the bottom of the long stairway and beheld the evening scene, the headland bathed in lilac tones, the magical strand of sand, and the powerful ocean, I knew at once my brush and I were not about to enter retirement, and that here, on this little stretch of sand is where my first plein aire California work was going to surface.

The last two years have been overwhelming - a career highlight. My studio is awesome. The sand is always soft, the sun is almost always shining, and the magnificent Pacific Ocean is never tiring.